Hi I'm Faith, The Personalyst

As a creative misfit turned transition coach, I apply my unique insights to guide you towards unlocking your potential and making successful life transitions.

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Discover your strengths through...

Strategic Planning

Harness your innate ability to formulate long-term plans and strategies, guiding you towards a future of fulfillment and success.

Innovative Thinking

Embrace your creative potential to think outside the box, fostering innovative solutions to overcome challenges in your transition journey.

Growth Mindset

Develop a growth mindset that encourages continuous learning and improvement, turning setbacks into stepping stones for progress.

Relationship Building

Cultivate your capacity for nurturing strong relationships that provide support and inspiration in times of change.

Meet Faith, The Personalyst

Experienced Guide

With years of professional and personal experience, I can provide valuable insights and strategies tailored to your unique transition journey.

Certified Life Coach

As a certified life coach, I employ proven techniques to help you navigate through life transitions with ease and clarity.

Committed Advocate

I am dedicated to your success, always ready to support and encourage you as you venture into unexplored territories in your life.

Empathetic Listener

understand the importance of being heard. As an empathetic listener, I strive to understand your feelings and perspectives to better aid your growth.

Are you struggling with a transition in your life?

Not sure how to get from where you are to where you want to be ?

Or maybe you're stuck while navigating a life situation and would like to communicate how you really feel, with tact and impact.

I empower people who are in transition to break free of constructs and find fulfillment with clarity and purpose.

Hello, I'm Faith Chang, an American Transition Coach based in Paris.

Whether it’s navigating a career transition, confronting limiting beliefs or finding balance, I partner with my clients to navigate these challenges with fluidity and insight. After coaching with me, clients feel confident to take the lead towards their desired future. Together, we co-create your concrete action plans for your transformation.

As an expat who has been living in France for over a decade, I'm no stranger to personal challenges: corporate politics, communication issues, serious injury, career transition, cultural adaptation, motherhood. Through perseverance and coaching, I've built the life I love to live. You too, can realize your dreams, with a shift in mindset and empowerment.

Bilingual in French/English with 13 years of professional experience in communications and consultancy across Europe, US, Middle East/North Africa and Asia, I have coached hundreds of individuals and companies in pursuit of their development goals and witnessed their transformation. My clients come from many walks of life, but in recent years, have been executives, entrepreneurs or women of color who want true change.

My specialties include personal branding, career transition, intercultural adaptation, conflict resolution and high-stake communications. Curious to know more? Let's start a dialogue …

Life Transitions: A Powerful Catalyst for Growth

Life transitions are inevitable, and they offer a chance for remarkable growth. With a transition coach, you can navigate these periods effectively.

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of people experience major life transitions every five years



of individuals who utilized transition coaching reported improved work performance



of people undergoing significant life transitions found coaching helpful

Life coaching reduces stress and improves wellbeing being by



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Benefits of Transition Coaching

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Experience the Power of Transition Coaching

  • Gain clarity on your goals and the path to achieve them.
  • Develop resilience to better handle challenges.
  • Enhance your decision-making skills during uncertain times.
  • Improve self-confidence and overcome self-doubt.
  • Discover a sense of purpose and direction in your life.

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